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Alegria Shoes Paloma Jazzy Black Nursing Shoes

When you're on your feet all day or night, your soles aren't the only thing that can hurt at the end of your shift. Calves, knees, and even your back can suffer if you don't have the support you need while you work. You might think about orthopedic shoes but can't force yourself to buy those ugly white "nurse" shoes just to feel better. You don't have to crimp your style anymore because we've got your look, and your back. See how feeling good can look great with Alegria Shoes.

What Happens When Your Shoes Aren't Supportive?

Shift work usually means hours of walking or standing. If you stand for more than two hours a day, your chances of short-term problems such as muscle cramps and backaches increase. More than two million sick days are used every year by people with work-related foot problems, especially by people working in:
  • Retail
  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • Food Service
  • Mail and Package Delivery
  •  Education
  • Tour Guide Services
  • Hair Salons

In any profession, standing on your feet for more than five hours a day increases your risk for more serious pain and injury. Wearing shoes that don't support your feet, combined with long hours of standing, can result in:
  • Varicose veins
  • Swelling, numbness, and tingling in the feet and legs
  • Risk of falling, muscle sprains, and broken bones
  • Joint damage
  • Back and neck pain and spasms

The simple solution to all of these problems is to wear supportive shoes.

What Makes a Shoe Supportive?

There's more to support than just a thick sole. Orthopedic shoes cradle your feet and provide support by cushioning the soles from the impact of the many steps you take during your shift. Other benefits of orthopedic shoes are that they:
  • Support arches
  • Align feet properly
  • Allow blood flow
  • Prevent blisters and bunions
  •  Provide comfort

Orthopedic shoes help you avoid all of the risks associated with standing on your feet all day. But many people think they have to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

When You Want Pretty Shoes and Support

It's true that the mention of orthopedic shoes brings to mind those ugly white shoes that nurses used to wear. But Alegria has combined all the health benefits of orthopedic shoes with the latest styles and colors, so you can look and feel your best. With an insole comprised of cork, memory foam, and latex, these shoes conform to your feet and keep you comfortable, absorbing impact without added weight.

If you like the look of a classic clog, the Alegria Clog offers a variety of textures, colors, and prints. A few of the choices you'll find in this style are suede, tooled leather, and patent leather.
If you prefer a Mary Jane, the Alegria Paloma gives you additional support behind the heel and a rocking sole that supports your every step. Colorful prints to coordinate with your mood include mustaches, flowers, mandalas, feathers, buttons, and even a whimsical chain mail print.
Another favorite is the Alegria Keli. This professional nursing shoe gives you ultimate slip-on comfort with plenty of style. Crocodile, snake scale, and imprinted leather are a few of the fashionable textures to complete your outfit. Add a pop of color with prints in puzzle pieces for Autism awareness, intergalactic stars, girlfriends on the phone, plaids, and flowers.
Alegria Classic Posh Pewter

Alegria Paloma Hieroglyph

Alegria Keli PRO Sapphire Snake

So, where can you get these pretty, yet powerful, shoes? Visit us at www.alegriashoeshop.com -- that's where to buy all the latest styles and colors to keep your back strong and your feet comfy.

Spotlight Fall 2016: Alegria Debra I Heart U Red

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Alegria Shoes Debra I Heart U Red Professional Comfort Shoe

Alegria is harvesting the new Fall 2016 Collection and it’s coming in HOT!  Red hot actually!

Although the Debra Professional shoe was designed for those in healthcare, we've long known that ANYBODY can enjoy the style and comfort of this amazing shoe! The Alegria Debra I Heart U Red will be a game changer for your wardrobe this fall.  For those of us wearing scrubs, I Heart U Red will certainly turn heads on the hospital floor this season. Wearing these Debras outside of work is just as easy with casual denim capris or distressed skinny jeans for kicking it downtown for a wine down Wednesday atmosphere.

Red shoes aren't just for Dorothy

Wearing red shoes this fall might seem daunting but there are a couple things that make the Debra I Heart U Red an easy choice:
  1. UNIQUE COLOR: The soft, distressed red leather upper has an enchanting embossed heart pattern that will stand out, without STANDING OUT.  So you can pair them with a striped sweater or colored denim and not look like you just got dressed in the dark.  This print is fun and easy and far from overwhelming.  
  2. VERSATILITY: Need to ride your bike to work? Check! Toes and heels are safely covered in the Debra. Grinding out a 12 hour shift at the hospital and want shoes that not only look amazing with your scrubs, but feel amazing too? Check! Heading to dinner with friends wearing skinny jeans and your favorite button down? Check!  I Heart U Red is versatile.  It makes changing from day to night easy and effortless.  Who doesn’t need some of that in their life?!

Alegria Shoes Debra I Heart U Red
Alegria Shoes Debra Professional in I Heart U Red

The Alegria Shoes Fall 2016 Collection is arriving each week with so many other cute prints like the Classic Teal Tooled, Glee Monarch, Paloma Winter Garden, and more.  Explore the new crop of shoes at www.alegriashoeshop.com and click on Fall 2016.

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