Fall Fashion 2016

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Alegria Glee Monarch

Put down your glass of rosé and pick up a pumpkin spiced treat, fall is here! You know what that means. Time to break out the layers of scarves, knit sweaters, and tights. As you change your nail polish from Essie Pink Parka to OPI Malaga Wine don’t forget to transition the rest of your style too!
We did the work for you to pull together the need-to-know notes so you can enter Fall 2016 just as fiercely as you’re leaving behind Summer 2016.

One can hardly talk about style without mentioning one of the biggest game changing events in the industry’s calendar-New York Fashion Week.

Every year designers, models, and celebrities descend upon The Big Apple to watch runways in hopes of becoming trend setters at the time honored celebration of all things cutting edge and glamourous. Our notes come directly from authorities on the matter- Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Here’s the scoop:

Bold florals are here to prove spring time isn’t the only season for flower petals and palm fronds with  Tory Burch’s line of dresses and shirts. The boom of blooms on black reminds us of our own Winter Garden colorway boldly displayed on the classic Paloma and many other shoes this season.

Alegria Paloma PRO Winter Garden

The butterfly embellishment is in full effect and Valentino’s trench combines the established trend of military inspired outerwear with this surprising pop of color and whimsy. Just as surprising a pop of whimsy can be seen on a Facebook favorite our ours- the Glee slide-in.

Alegria Glee Monarch

Two of Fall 2016’s bigger inspirations at NYFW include the military inspired pieces with a specific nod to the nautical branch and athletic wear paying homage to the street style of the 90s.

Before you don your double-breasted coat in everyone’s favorite navy blue hue be sure to pick up a pair of your own standard issue Izzy boots to get in formation with this trend.

Alegria Izzy Boots

Looking for something a little lower profile but still highly functional for your sportier side? The Essence in Posh Pewter adds a shine to your shoe collection while being on point with designers obsessing over all that glitters.

Alegria Essence Posh Pewter

Speaking of color- this fall highlights elements of warmth, shine, and gloss. You’ll be seeing plenty of red, rust, mustard yellow, and oranges in rich tones paired with gold and bronze metallics and high gloss varnishes.

Now that you have the outline of what to look for in your new fall favorites don’t ignore what you already have in your closet as you take your fashion from the cabana at Miami Beach to the orchard in Martha’s Vineyard.

Be sure to layer in your cozy new pieces with ones you already have on hand. A red dress paired with a black blazer makes a warm weather favorite go a little further. A pair of booties matched with a leg baring pair of leather shorts is an encouraged blend of the seasons.

Alegria Indi Hickory

Likewise, wearing sandals with layered outfits- don’t forget your “rule of three”- is another way to make the move towards cool autumn evenings. We have one sandal that is the perfect combo of Fall 2016’s deep yellow and bright metallic finishes.

Alegria Colette Posh Gold

Not quite into toe-bearing fashion as you approach October? Transition a little more gently with this crossover sandal in a red hue that is seen much on recent runways as it is on the turning leaves. Just remember, ladies- no matter how you transition your summer footwear leave the white cotton socks out of it.

Alegria Jemma Red Butter

Booties, leather accessories, scarves, and chunky knit sweaters all evoke Saturday afternoon hay rides and tailgating. So take a deep breath of crisp air and raise your tea latte to the official arrival of autumn weather and fall fashion.

Where comfort and fun meet…

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One of the many exciting annual events at Winston-Salem Fairgrounds….

The Dixie Classic Fair is all fun and games…that is, until you’ve walked all over the fairgrounds 5 times and your small children want to walk through the rides and games a few more times!  Your feet are in excruciating pain and now your children are pulling at you to keep up. Your friends are begging you to “just make it to the next ride!”  Oh my gosh, you feel like you’re walking in high heels and your feet are going to fall off and your legs are going to break if you take one more step!  You try to put weight on one foot at a time or dig your toes down to take the pressure off your burning heels.
Well, that’s only a temporary fix.  Instead of thinking about where the next bench is or when your next break will be, you should be enjoying yourself, the company you keep, and the many thrilling events and rides the fair has to offer.  That’s what the Dixie Classic Fair is all about!!!

If you’re looking to be able to take in all the sights, walk for hours while maintaining constant comfort, look no further than Alegria Shoe Shop!  Based locally out of Winston-Salem, a hop, skip and a jump down from the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, Alegria Shoe Shop is the World’s #1 Distributor of THE most popular comfort brand, Alegria Shoes!

Alegria Shoes Paloma Winter Garden Professional Mary Jane
Alegria Shoes Paloma Winter Garden Professional Mary Jane

Alegria Shoes were developed to provide unparalleled comfort, and maximum support to its customers without compromising style.  Whether you want to rock a pair of mules, boots, sandals, or even an athletic shoe, you can find a style and color to match your personality and lifestyle.  Most unique feature is their removable and replaceable insole that forms to the natural contours of your feet.  You’ll always feel like you’re wearing a new pair of shoes!  Our signature footbeds are made up of memory foam, cork, and latex for a cloud like feel.  Alegria Shoes are definitely the shoes of choice to wear when trekking around the fairgrounds.  The rocker bottom ensures proper heel to toe walking motion and relieves lower back pain and knee pain! The only thought on your mind will be, “Where can we walk next!”  Taking a spin on one of the fair rides?  Lace up the popular Essence sneaker to be sure you won’t lose a shoe while zipping around and upside down on one of the fair’s many rides!

Alegria Seville Tetrus Blue
Alegria Shoes Seville Tetrus Blue Professional Clog

Don’t forget the Barnyard Zoo!  Keeping your shoes nice and clean is easy with Alegria’s easy to clean shoes!  Our Professional Line is slip resistant, stain resistant, and some are even water resistant so no worries about getting them dirty while visiting your favorite animals.  Alegria Shoes are versatile, so whether you’re at the fair, out on the town, or at work for a long 12-hour shift, you are sure to find a shoe to get you through the day both in comfort and style.  Shop our wide selection of hundreds of colors, styles and sizes you can enjoy at The Dixie Classic Fair, and really, any event you’re going to!  We assure you comfort mixed with a fashion forward look you can pair with all attire.  We feel confident Alegria will be your daily go to shoe!  Now get out there in your Alegria Shoes and enjoy your ride on the Himalaya!  Just wait to eat until after!
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