South of the Border: Travel Journal Day 1

12:28:00 PM

Day one of any trip is always bound to be a little crazy, and this one was no exception. What is it that they say about the best laid plans..? Anyway, after getting into Cancun around eleven at night, we took (the most terrifying) bus ride from the airport to the city center, so that we could hop on a taxi to our cute little air bnb (side note, there are no marked lanes on the roads here, so it's a little bit of a driving free for all, turning any journey into an exciting roller coaster ride). 

Well, as a result of my severe lack of Spanish, and my stubborn insistence of staying in "authentic" areas of town instead of the popular resorts, we somehow ended up in a random residential area at one am, yelling our host's name down the (wrong) street. Long story short, we eventually found our way to our room, but it made for quite the experience. The next morning, walking the streets of Cancun in search of pesos, bus tickets, and Starbucks coffee, I was extremely grateful for my Alegria shoes, which had made the crazy journey a little more bearable. 

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