Are you ready for BOOT season?

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Alegria Shoe Shop Boots Clearance

It may still feel like it's 100 degrees outside, but the end of summer is in sight! August is upon us bringing a few cooler nights, Back to School buzz, and a penchant to transition our summer wardrobe into fall. There is no better way to make this transition than with your favorite boots....Booties to be exact!

Alegria has what's trending and we have them on SALE! What makes Booties the perfect go-to shoe for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Well for starters they are short enough to show off your legs while still giving that awesome rustic, fall outdoor flair you crave. Try pairing the Alegria Eva with your favorite little black dress or leggings this weekend.
Alegria Shoe Shop Boot Clearance - Eva Tawny
Alegria Eva Tawny
Alegria Shoe Shop Boot Clearance - Eva Burgundy
Alegria Eva Burgundy

Another favorite for transitioning into fall is the classy and oh so frilly Alegria Hannah boot. Pair the Hannah with leggings or jeans to instantly upgrade the look.

Alegria Shoe Shop Boot Clearance - Hannah Autumn Poppy
Alegria Hannah Autumn Poppy

For a more casual look try the Alegria Ever. Pair the Black Embossed Paisley with a sassy little denim skirt or match with your casual business attire for Friday at the office!

Alegria Ever Black Embossed Paisley

Transitioning your wardrobe this season will be fun and on trend with Booties from Alegria Shoe Shop!  What do you think? Share your ideas on transitioning your wardrobe this summer in the comments below or show us how you style your Alegria Booties on Instagram using #alegriabooties.

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The Alegria Fall 2016 New Shoe Collection

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Alegria Shoe Shop Fall 2016 New Arrivals

If you’re a nurse, doctor, teacher, hair stylist or anyone else who spends the majority of your work day on your feet, you know it can take a toll on your comfort levels and your health, especially if you’re fashion-conscious. But expressing yourself doesn’t have to mean no support and aching feet at the end of the day. You can have the best of both worlds with Alegria Shoes. Take a look at our Fall 2016 New Shoe Collection for a great selection of colors, styles and comfort for nursing and busy professionals.

Why Alegria?
You spend more time on your feet than you might think. Nurses walk an average of 4-6 miles per 12-hour shift. Teachers can walk nearly nine miles a day, and hairstylists spend their entire shift on their feet. Any job that has you on your feet for more than two hours a day can cause muscle fatigue and back pain, and can increase your risk for musculoskeletal disorders. Poorly fitting shoes, shoes with no support and worn out shoes can all contribute to the problems of being on your feet all day. Alegria Shoes counter these problems by:

  • Providing a curved sole that gently rocks your foot and reduces the pressure on your feet and legs.
  • Including replaceable insoles that conform to the natural contours of your foot.
  • Promoting perfect posture and superior arch support with their unique shape.

Alegria Shoes come in a variety of sporty, fun and sophisticated styles to fit your mood as well as provide comfort. And they all clean up easily with a damp cloth, so you don’t have to worry about any of life’s little (or big) messes ruining your shoes.

Nursing Options
Many nurses don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to fashion -- unless you’re one of the lucky ones who get to choose your own scrubs. For the rest of you, standard issue, bland colors are probably the norm. But no matter what type of scrubs you have to deal with, your shoes express your own personal style. And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for appearance when you choose Alegria Shoes for nurses and professionals.
If you’re looking for mule-style nurse shoes, the Alegria 2016 Fall line offers the stunning Kayla PRO in blue Icey, Licorice Soft Serve and Monarch with pops of colorful butterflies. The partial heel cap keeps the mule from slipping off your foot while you’re making your rounds.
Alegria Shoes Kayla PRO Licorice Soft Serve
Kayla PRO Licorice Soft Serve

Teacher’s Pet
Whether you’re chasing a room full of kindergartners or keeping up with the racing hormones of high-schoolers, you want to look good and protect your feet from fatigue. The Alegria Fall line will keep your feet comfy and give you the fashionable look you want.
Mary Janes and Clogs are both classic fall looks, and Alegria has the colors and textures to compliment your fall wardrobe. Accent stitching adds extra flair on the Belle Raked Garden and Classic Posh Pewter styles. Want something sporty for all those fall games? Alegria Essence comes in delicate black-and-white rose, navy winter garden and a beautiful Monarch butterfly print.
Alegria Shoes Classic Posh Pewter
Classic Posh Pewter

Your New Do
When you’re a stylist, you may want the attention on your hair, but if your feet hurt, you won’t look your best. Give your feet the new do they want this fall by pairing your smock with a red plaid texture of the Seville Cherry Cube or silver Chrome Cube. Sapphire and Garnet Snake textures of the Keli PRO will also keep you feeling sophisticated and smooth. And for sassy sparkles, try the Alegria Paloma in Jazzy Wine, Black or Blue.
The only question you’ll be asking now is where to buy these wonderful shoes. Visit us at to browse all of these and more of the newest fashion statements for Fall 2016.
Alegria Shoes Seville Cherry Cube
Seville Cherry Cube

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