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Alegria Shoes are sweeping the country, and the reviews can’t be better! These super comfortable shoes provide an anatomically correct foot bed made of cork, memory foam and latex that molds softly around the sole of your foot to create a perfect fit over a short amount of time. The rocker outsoles induce a natural walking motion while also toning legs and reducing the stress off your back, muscles and joints. With a variety of colors, patterns and styles, there is plenty of variety for even the choosiest consumer to pick from.
Alegria shoes originally gained their popularity in the Southeastern United States among nurses. The increased comfort of the shoe made long shifts on hard hospital floors bearable and decreased swelling and discomfort after long work days for nurses. As word spread, so did the popularity of the shoe, and a trend was born. Alegria produces a professional line as well as a fashion line and even produces fashion sandals and boots.
Teachers soon learned of the comfy Alegria Clogs and Mary Jane styles and started testing out the shoes in schools across the country. News continued to spread about these small wonders of joy and their popularity increased up the east coast.
It wasn't long until hair stylists picked up on the shoes. Hair stylists wear a wide range of Alegria styles and have shown strong favor to the latest sandal line and mini-rocker Feliz line that Alegria produced in 2010. Once again, popularity has continued to grow, and states such as Texas and California have jumped on the Alegria train.
The latest wave of followers that we have seen wearing the shoes are chefs and restaurant workers. Alegria's professional line provides them with a non-skid sole, but also the comfort that affords them long hours in the kitchen on hard concrete floors, as well as thick, stain resistant leather in the frequent event of spills. In 2010 Alegria started adding non-skid soles to their already popular Seville style, which has proved to be a huge hit with the food industry. In 2011 they introduced colors such as Black Gingham and Black Patent with chefs and servers uniforms in mind.
There is really no limit to where these shoes can and will go. Customers of Alegria Shoe Shop are avid lovers of the shoes, saying that the shoes have all but cured back and knee pain, and helped with painful issues such as plantar fasciitis, general foot problems and abnormalities, bunions, bone spurs, foot swelling, and even scoliosis. With a removable sole that allows for the insertion of custom orthotics, Alegria Shoe Shop has even seen an uptick in podiatrists and foot and ankle specialists that recommend and follow the shoe. Customers can even remove the insoles after they wear out and replace them with new insoles, giving them the comfort of a new pair of shoes, but at a much reduced price!
This shoe is one to watch for and definitely one to try for yourself. From the reviews of 95% of our customers and fans, the comfort is not to be rivaled. Check out to see all of Alegria's styles, colors, availability, and to order. Alegria Shoe Shop offers free shipping and 3 day shipping on full priced orders. Try them for yourself; your feet will thank you!
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