Simple Style Tips to Make Your Outfit Outstanding

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Student living is cheap living. When you were in school, you had to work hard to pay for rent and tuition. With those large expenses kept at bay with a student employment paycheck, you probably didn't have much left over for your wardrobe.

However, now that you've started a career, you might look at your clothes and realize they need a little help. As you dress for success at work, the clothes you unashamedly wore to class (i.e. pajamas. Admit it.) just don't cut it anymore.

Your clothes show off your personality, so don't feel you have to throw everything out. You'll want to throw away, give away, or reimagine your favorite items and revolutionize your wardrobe by adding a few simple pieces.

Style Your T-Shirts

Ah, the humble T-shirt. We all have one, but if your dresser drawers overflow with them, you should go through and decide if you need them all. Ripped, stained, or ill-fitting T-shirts have no place on your body, but don't let the pendulum swing in the opposite direction either. If you love T-shirts, keep your favorites, and style them differently.

Most T-shirts need some help to look fashionable. Instead of wearing one with jeans, pair your T-shirt with a pattered pencil skirt. It's an unexpected, modern take that will turn heads. Or, keep the T-shirt and jeans combination, but add a blazer to the mix. A fitted blazer will bring the outfit together and give it a more tailored, complete look.

Invest in a Tailor

That "fitted" or tailored look is something you should aspire to in most of your outfits. If you like the Bohemian style's loose and flowing clothing, you might think you don't need this step, but you're not immune to it either. Regardless of clothing style or fabric, you need to find clothes that fit your body.

To make your clothes look like they were made just for you, make them just for you. How? Invest in a tailor. You might think this step is extravagant, but you can find local tailors who charge reasonable prices for their services. You just need to shop around. While you certainly don't need to tailor your entire wardrobe, a few customized looks will make you feel like you've stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Whoever said "Beauty is pain" should rethink their priorities. Give your poor feet a break; they deserve it. You can wear comfortable shoes that keep your style in mind. If you have to be on your feet all day, have chronic foot problems, or just want to walk in comfort, buy shoes that give you support.

Research online and local retailers that focus on style and comfort. You can also purchase replaceable insoles that form to the shape of your foot and outsoles that reduce pressure. These shoes will still match your style; you'll just be more comfortable at the end of the day.

Follow Fashion Blogs

When you flip through a magazine at the grocery store, you might wonder how people put those fashionable outfits together-and where you can buy them. You can stop wondering and get a style coach by clicking a button.

Use Instagram, Tumblr, and other blogging outlets to follow your favorite blogs. Each blogger has a different style and focus. Some are avant-garde and use luxurious fabrics. Other can help you DIY a stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank.From geek chic to retro glam, if you can think of a style you love, there's a blogger out there for you. Follow a few to get varied advice and tips to make the most of your clothes.

Balance it out

Once you purchase new clothes, it's tempting to wear your favorites all at once. Sometimes mixed-and-matched styles and patterns work well, but its a fine line between stylish and garish. Most of the time, you'll need to balance out your outfit by using only one interest piece.

An interest piece can be anything that stands out with a bright color, a different texture, or an intricate pattern. If you place too many interest pieces in the same outfit, the eye doesn't know where to focus. Instead, wear basic pieces to set off your unique pants, shirt, or accessory.

Plan ahead

As you shop, plan ahead. We all have clothes hanging in the closet or stuffed in a drawer with the tags still attached because we can't figure out what to wear with them. If you have an entire outfit in mind as you shop, you will get more mileage out of your clothes.

Have a game plan before you check out. That way, you'll avoid buyers remorse-and have an outstanding outfit to wear to work.

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