Alegria Abroad- Le Riad Berbere and Jardin Majorelle

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Le Riad Berbere is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Marrakesh’s bustling medina and is the main reason we booked this trip. The courtyard bloomed with banana, orange, and olive trees and cast dappled shade on plush pillows where the riad’s resident feline occasionally joined us and taught us a thing or two about relaxation.

Le Riad Berbere
Le Riad Berbere Courtyard and Pool
 On the terraces, we sunbathed and sampled delicious, fragrant foods prepared organically with groceries purchased daily from local markets and wholesalers. We were even offered the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic Moroccan dishes by the chef. We opted to leave the cuisine up to the master and instead took a taxi to Jardin Majorelle.

Flowers in Jardin Marjorelle

Nearly two and a half acres of cacti, exotic plants, and trees in addition to pools, streams, and fountains make up this garden acquired and made famous by late couture designer Yves Saint Laurent. We saw the monument placed in his memory and learned of his passion for Islamic art and Oriental civilization. In the words of the European fashion icon, “We were seduced by this oasis where colours used by Matisse were mixed with those of nature…”

 Yves Saint Laurent in Marakech
Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakesh
After leaving the garden, we dropped in for lunch at a fantastic little restaurant in the middle of the medina called La Famille. Slightly tricky to find we spotted the number 42 marking the doorway entrance off a very busy and crowded pedestrian street around the corner from the Museum of Moroccan Art, Dar Si Said Museum. Their menu changes daily and is a meat-free, Moroccan-Mediterranean fusion. This type of Marrakesh dining makes this vegan photographer euphoric.

La Famille

The sun set on another exciting day in the Red City as we prepared to depart the next day.

On our last day in Marrakesh, we decided to spend the afternoon wandering the beautiful streets, stopping in at our favorite shops, and of course, spending time at our beautiful riad. For the long day of walking and shopping, I decided to don my favorite brown leather Caiti boots, because they're incredibly comfortable and resistant to the water and puddles of the Marrakesh streets.

Marrakesh medina shopping

We stopped in for one last lunch at Nomad right off the spice market square, and I had a delicious lentil salad with fresh goat cheese. After walking the miles of the medina and saying goodbye to our favorites, we went back to the riad to dip our feet in the pool and change for dinner.

I chose my trusty Indi Oxblood Bloom boots to pair with my black Joah Brown dress for a beautiful night out on the town. Marrakesh, it's been fun. Now we're heading north!

Indi Oxblood Bloom Boot and Joah Brown Dress

Stay tuned for more from the blue city of Chefchouan, and the busy medina of Fes.

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