The Alegria Classic Clog

Hello Everyone! For the next few weeks we're going to tell you about all of the features of each of our shoe styles. We're going to start off with our signature Alegria Classic Clog.

Alegria Clogs have leather uppers and come in both patent leather and leather napa styles. They have a solid rubber outsole that measures 1.5 inches at the heel and slopes downward toward the toe to provide a healthy, anatomically correct, rocker walking motion that propels you through the gait cycle. The outsole is engineered to reduce heel and central metatarsal stress, and the bottom is flat to increase stability and balance.

The insoles are removable, which is a really cool feature, because you can always call us at 888-775-5655 or go online at to get new insoles if your old ones start to show some wear. It’s like having a brand new pair of shoes! Our insoles are made of memory foam, latex and cork that provide a very cushioned and comfortable feel. The memory foam actually allows the insole to form to the bottom of your foot, molding to your sole and providing ultimate comfort for extra long days on your feet.

It's important to pay attention to where your foot sits in this shoe to ensure that you are achieving the appropriate fit. There is a half-moon raised portion of the insole near the heel area. Your heel should sit on or just inside of this half-moon. If your heel sits outside of it, then the shoe is too small. Your heel should never rest on the hard part of the outsole, our shoes aren't meant to fit that way. You can also tell if the shoe is a good fit if the arch feels like it is in the correct place on the sole of your foot. If the shoe feels a little too tight, you may also want to opt for a wide insole. Give us a call and we'll be glad to help.

Alegria clogs come in a multitude of awesome different colors for you to choose from, all with the same amazing comfort that Alegria has come to be known for. For more information, updates on closeouts, and breaking news on Alegria Shoe Shop, make sure you check out our Alegria Shoes Facebook Page! This has been the Alegria Classic Clog and you can go to to get yours today!!

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